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PhD100 Philosophy of Science - Fall 2011
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Course aim

This course’s aim is to give the participants an over-view of the history and development of philosophy of sicence, and insights into dominating epistemologies and their use within business research.


A.Literature seminars

The course is given in the form of ten literature seminars with invited guest lecturers. They will highlight different epistemological perspectives and their usefulness in business administration research.

B. Course thesis

The course is examined in the form of a course thesis (10-15 pages long) where the participants writes about an epistemological issure of their own choice. For example, one can write about one of the following subjects:

  • An in-depth study of an epistemological perspective
  • An in-depth study of the epistemological perspective at hand in the doctoral thesis
  • A study of a doctoral thesis’ epistemology via an analysis of the thesis and an interview with the author
  • Interviews with practitioners (business journalists, scientific council members, management consultants, politicians, etc) about their epistemologies, i e what makes them perceive something as scientific knowledge or not
  • The aim with the course thesis is to give the participants an opportunity to explore in-depth how different epistemologies manifest themselves and how they are used in practice.

    Course literature (preliminary)

    • Chalmers, A.F. (latest edition) What is this thing called Science?. England: Open University Press. (179 pages)
    • Magee, B. (1998) Story of Philosophy. London: Dorling Kindersley (240 pages)
    • Berger, P & Luckman, T (1987) The Social Construction of Reality. Reading: Pelican Books. (245 sidor)
    • Lyotard, J-F. (1989) The postmodern condition: A report on knowledge. Guildford: Manchester University Press (67 pages)
    • Hand-outs

    Seminar schedule

    Lecturer: Dag Björkegren

    1. Monday September 26, 13.15 –15.00: Constituent meeting
    Lecturer: Associate professor Dag Björkegren,

    2. Tuesday, October 4, 13.15 – 15.00: History of philosophy
    Lecturer: Dag Björkegren
    Readings: Magee

    3.Wednesday, October 5, 13.15 – 15.00: Post-colonial theory
    Guest lecturer: Assistant professor Laurence Romani,
    Readings: Hand-outs

    4. Tuesday, October 11, 13.15-15.00: Modern philosophy of science
    Lecturer: Dag Björkegren
    Readings: Chalmers

    5. Thursday, October 13, 10.15-12.00: Post Positivism?
    Guest lecturer: Associate professor Karl Wennberg,

    6. Cancelled

    7. Tuesday, October 18, 13.15-15.00: Postmodern philosophy of science
    Lecturer: Dag Björkegren
    Readings: Lyotard

    8. Thursday, October 20, 13.15-15.00: Critical philosophy (?)
    Guest lecturer: Associate professor Jesper Blomberg
    Alvesson, M (2003) Critical Organization Theory. In: The Northern Lights - Organization Theory in Scandinavia. Lund: Liber, pp. 151-174. (In downloads)

    9. Wednesday, October 26, 13.15-15.00: Social construction of reality
    Guest lecturer: Associate professor Markus Kallifatides,
    Readings: Berger & Luckman

    10. Tuesday, November 1, 13.15-15.00: Discourse analysis
    Guest lecturer:Assistant professor Pernilla Bolander,
    Readings: Alvesson & Kärreman:
    Articles from Organization:

    Before each literature seminar the participants are expected to e-mail two elaborated questions about the literature at hand to the guest lecturer and the course-head Dag Björkegren. This should be done one day in advance. Attendance is mandatory at the seminars. Absence is compensated by increased attendance at the course thesis presentations.

    Thesis presentations

    11. Wednesday, November 2, 9.15 – 17.00: Thesis presentations
    Lecturer: Dag Björkegren

    Each participant e-mails his/her course thesis to the other participants and the course-head. Dead-line for the distribution of the course-thesis is Monday, October 31, 17.00.

    All seminars take place in the organisation and management department's conference room (Room B621, 6th floor, Saltmätargatan 13-17). Course head is Dag Björkegren, and Course secretary is Ingrid Kollberg (

    General course information
    Course number  PhD100
    Course director  Björkegren, Dag
    ECTS credits  7,5
    Semester / course period  Fall 11 / 1101
    Course type  PhD Program in Business Administration
    Teaching language  English

    Offered by Department(s) 
    Department of Management and Organization

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